Posted by: ragoar | December 22, 2009

We are now on Amazon!

We are now on! Yes you can now find over 3000 of our products on  Our expanded selection of high quality products from Kingston Brass now includes bathroom accessories for your home including soap dishes, glass cosmetic shelves, towel bars, and towel rings.  Visit us today at and for a limited time take an additional 5% off your first order. Thank you, we appreciate your business!


  1. I’m having granite installed and I need to hold it up with corbels. I was wondering how much weight the corbel can hold, and it is not listed in your description. For instance, I have a 60 inch x 14 inch piece of granite going in, how many corbels would I need and what size would you recommend?

    the other dimensions are 14 x 37
    8×30 and 8 x 18. Thank you for your help

    • Thank you for the inquiry. I will contact the manufacturer to see if they can recommend how many Corbels it would take. The key will be the fasteners you will use as well as the number of Corbels. Can you tell me the approximate weight of your granite?

    • Susan, after speaking to the manufacturer they were unable to say how many Corbels you would need for your granite installation. They did say that it is not an uncommon application but given all installations are customer specific it is impossible for them to determine the number. It is highly recommended that you consult your builder or Architect for an estimate. Please visit our site for a complete line of accents including copper tiles and corbels at

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