Posted by: ragoar | August 18, 2010

Save Money And The Environment With Eco Friendly Low Flush Toilets

type=textAnyone who is remodeling the bathroom in their home should only consider replacing their fixtures with environmentally friendly materials. The fact is that taking the green approach in your bathroom remodel can actually save you money while saving the environment. The perfect example of how this can happen is purchasing eco friendly low flush toilets.

Eco friendly low flush toilets have been designed to use a lot less water than other toilets. They work just as well as any other model of toilet, but use about half of what the other toilets require. Over the last few years, many people are using them in their homes and have found they work very efficiently.

Obviously, if you use less water in the toilet, you can save money. If you have a regular toilet in your home, it can take approximately 3.5 to 6 gallons to flush it. How many times a day does your toilet get flushed? Even just one person can flush it up to 10 times per day. Over a course of a year, well over 20,000 gallons of water could be used in flushing the toilet. A low flush model could easily cut this number in half. What this means is that you could cut your water bill down and save as much as $150 or more each year on your water expenses.

Not only does saving water save you money, it saves the environment. Every time you flush the toilet, the water will be put into the waste treatment plan to be treated. This particular task takes a lot of energy. Along with this, as the treated water is sent back into the earth, the more you flush, more chemicals will be released. Saving energy and reducing pollution are just two of the ways this type of toilet can help the environment.

The above information are the main reasons that one should consider eco-friendly low flush toilets in their bathroom remodel. However, you do not have to stop there. For optimum water savings, consider adding other low flow fixtures to your bathroom. You will find they all work just as well and you can easily make up the savings within the first year of their installation.  See our complete line of Eco-Friendly fixtures at


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