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Fresca Vanities: Giving You The Luxury A Home Needs

If in the process of refurbishing your home or building a new home for your family, the bathroom, of course, is one of the more fun projects to work on. In truth, this particular room should reflect your personal style, just as much as any other room in the home. This is the room that you will try to wash the stress of the day away and the best way to get started on the bathroom is to choose one of the Fresca vanities.

Fresca FVN3569-GR Vanity

Fresca FVN3569-GR Vanity

Fresca vanities can be found in just about any style to match your own needs. The newest line from this company is the Senza. Available in several finishes, including walnut, black wood, teak, and gray oak, you will find them to be not just durable, as they are made from a very strong acrylic material, but they will be very modern in design. Many of them from this line are wall-mounted, giving your bathroom that very modern and roomy feeling.

If you are aiming for the fresh look, you will want to think about their line of Lucido products. Constructed from a more glossy acrylic, they give the bathroom a very fresh look. Combined with the white cabinetry underneath the glossy sink, your bathroom will provide a very relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy and forget about the day’s stressors.

For those who want a combination of the new and old, there is the Classico product line. Joining a glass-tempered, one-piece sink and a solid oak wood cabinet, the combination is unique, yet stylish. This particular style is one that will fit the dcor of just about any home that is undergoing renovations.

Fresca FV6119UNS Double Bowl Vanity

Fresca FV6119UNS Double Bowl Vanity

The above are just three examples of the lines available in Fresca vanities. With more options for the homeowner, this company provides everything you would need to complete your bathroom design. Whether building new or remodeling, it doesn’t matter. Choosing a vanity from one of their lines of products is the only choice, as they will provide the luxury your home needs.

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