Posted by: ragoar | November 21, 2010

Picking the right Kitchen Faucet

Believe it or not, many people who spend thousands of dollars redesigning their kitchen get stuck on one important aspect. It’s not the color of the granite or the style of the cabinets, or even where they want their microwave. It’s the selection of the faucet.

Years ago, a faucet was a faucet. But now, selecting the right faucet is as important-and sometimes more important-and any other part of the kitchen. That’s because not only must it have strong utilitarian characteristics with up-to-date features, it also has to look pretty and match the style of the rest of your kitchen.

Some of the blame should go to faucet designers, who recently have been coming up with stunning, elegant and sophisticated designs that make it difficult to choose one over the other. Even the simplest design nowadays has elements that surprise or delight.

The kitchen faucet is in use constantly, so must be able to withstand constant use-and keep working and looking beautiful. How do you know before installation that you’ve selected the right faucet for you and your kitchen?

If you are looking strictly for the highest-quality product, it’s always good to look at price. Typically, the higher the price, the better the quality-though there are always exceptions to this rule. Sometimes the inward beauty of a faucet is much better than the pretty exterior.

Because of low-flow requirements (faucets must emit no more than 2.5 gallons per minute), you need a faucet that is designed well, from the inside out.

High quality chrome faucets tend to stand the test of time best. But if your heart is set on a colored, enamel faucet, keep in mind that these types of faucets do have a tendency to chip over the years and are also more expensive than their utilitarian chrome cousins. You can expect to pay between $60 for the most basic faucet to as high as in the thousands for upscale designer faucets.

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