Posted by: ragoar | November 21, 2010

Unique Fresca & EAGO Toilets For Your Home

While it may seem impossible, replacing the toilet in your bathroom can very quickly give your bathroom a more modern look. All you need to do to believe this is to look at the Fresca toilets that are available. These products not only offer style, they offer a more modern and comfortable bathroom experience for every homeowner.

Fresca FTL2222 Dual Flush Toilet

Fresca FTL2222 Dual Flush Toilet

When glancing through the various styles of Fresca toilets, the one thing you are going to notice is that they are all one piece units. They are constructed of only the best material and can be found to match any décor. Truthfully, you may be surprised by how art-like they seem.

One toilet that stands out in their product line is the Imperia. With a circular seat and a triangular-shaped water tank, it is art at its best. Combined with one of their bathroom vanities, installing this in your bathroom could change to total atmosphere in the room and provide a more relaxing tone in the bath.

You should also not expect that every toilet seat made by this company will be circular. The Apus toilet offers a square-shaped seat, bringing comfort like no other can offer. Of course, with this particular style, you will also find it also brings a very artistic presence into the room.

While you would think that the style associated with the toilet would reflect in the price or quality, after researching this line

Fresca FTL2338 One Piece Toilet

Fresca FTL2338 One Piece Toilet

of products, you will find them to be affordable and made from quality materials. All products made in this line are made with the best materials, making them very durable and easy to maintain.

If you are looking to add uniqueness to your home, consider how Fresca toilets can update your bathrooms. With style and artistic styles to choose from, you can not go wrong when choosing a toilet from their line of products.

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