Posted by: ragoar | May 11, 2011

How To Keep Your Brass Faucet Looking New

Whether you have a brass faucet in your kitchen or your bathroom, you will want to make sure it remains a major centerpiece in the room. As time goes by, your fixture may start to look worn and it can lose its appeal very quickly. To make sure it keeps its new appearance, learn the best way to keep it bright and shiny.

The first thing you want to do is buy a special cleaner for your brass faucet. This cleaner should be made specifically for items made from brass. There are many different types you can purchase or you can make your own. One of the best home remedies for cleaning this material is actually ketchup.

Before you use the cleaner on your fixtures, you will want to remove any surface dirt or grime from them with hot water and a sponge. Make sure you take extra time to get any build up from the corners or in any of the cracks. Once you are done, you will want to give it a rinse to make sure any dirt is rinsed away.

The next step is to use the damp sponge and the cleaner. Apply a small amount to the surface of the fixtures and wipe all areas. Again, do not forget to get in between and underneath to make sure that you cover all areas.

When you are done wiping everything down with the cleaner, you will, again, want to rinse everything off. After all residue has been rinsed off, you will need to dry it off with a soft rag. This will prevent any water spots from marring its appearance.

Your brass faucet, whether it is in the bathroom or kitchen, is going to get a lot of use. Faucets are well-known to gather the most germs in the house. You want to make sure it, not only clean, but germ-free, as well. It should be cleaned everyday, while the actual brass cleaner should be used once a week. If you can do this, it will stay looking new for a very long time.


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